Hydrol Liquid

Hydrol Liquid Liquid Dextrose

This product is produced as a by-product in the process of producing dextrose carbohydrate powder.
After the formation of dextrose crystals of monohydrate, in the crystallizer, the separation of dextrose crystals (monosaccharides) from other sugars, in a centrifuge unit, a by-product called Hydrol, which is a thick sugary liquid (50-42% dry matter content), containing disaccharides (maltose), maltose (maltose). And trisaccharides (maltotriose) are produced.
This product is used in food industry (sugar substitute) and in ethanol production industries.

It is a sweet tasting, viscous, thick syrup used by the food and pharmaceutical industries as an ingredient or as a fermentation substrate. It contains 95% glucose, a small amount of maltose and longer oligosaccharides. It is especially suitable for fermentation purposes in many fields.

Consistency: high dextrose content, viscous liquid

Applications: yeast production, fruit wines, pharmaceutical industry and animal feed production


Yellowish- WhiteColour Of Solution
Neg.I2 Test.
3.0 – 4.50PH
≤100 μs/cmConductivity

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